High School Diploma

Prerequisites: Students must be 18 and older.

GHBC is a satellite school for this program via Hope Christian Academy. The diploma has the same standards as any high school diploma issued in the USA. The diploma will be issued by Hope Christian Academy located in Spring, Texas.

Like all accredited schools, HCA is accredited nationally by a third party, private accrediting agency; the National Association of Private Theological Institutions (NAPTI).

Two sessions of instruction and two sessions of teaching will be held via GHBC. 100 multiple choice HSET (High School Equivalency Test) will be taken and must be passed with a score of no less than 70%. A diploma with an official transcript will be received.

The following are the areas of concentration on the exam:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Functional Fine Arts
  • Health
  • Life skills
  • Vocational/Academic Skills

Days & Times Of Classes

Classes meet weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm & 8:10pm-9:40pm.

(For both undergrad and graduate classes)

Academic Requirements

All Degrees Must Be Earned! We do NOT sell or give away our degrees. They MUST be earned. The trimester hours required to earn our degrees may be earned through a combination of studies offered through GHBC and the credit we allow for your religious training and religious life work experience.

Academic Calendar

  • Enrollment/Registration: March 5th-March 29th
  • Term: April 2nd-July 2nd
  • Classes Begin: April 2nd & April 4th
  • Last Day to Add/Drop a Class: April 19th
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “VWD”: April 26th
  • School Office Closings (Holiday Observation): May 27th
  • Enrollment/Registration: June 24th-July 5th
  • Term: July 18th-August 8th
  • Classes Begin: July 18th
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “VWD”: July 12th
  • Graduation (If Required): July 27th
  • School Office Closings (Holiday Observation): July 4th