Degree Programs

Guarded Heart Bible College offers Non-Degree, Undergraduate and Graduate Degree programs as well as Cerfiticate programs.

  • Non-Degree Programs are ideal for the student who does not not intend to take classes for credit to satisfy requirements at another institute. It is an ideal way to enhance your personal biblical eduction, strengthen your faith journey and develop a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. These students are not required to submit a high-school diploma/GED certificate, college transcripts or references, but can change to a Degree or Certificat program with approval from the Registrar.
  • Degree Programs are offered to students who desire to earn credit for thir academic achievements through the completion of a desired courses that meet the requirements for an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, or Doctorate Degree Program. The courses in each program are structured in a simple format to provide students basic understanding of the main principles allowing the students to move through their degree programs at a faster pace. All courses provided in our programs are designed to be foundational blocks allowing students to easily move not only from one course to another, but also provide the incentive to move on towards the next level of degree studies if so desired.
  • Certificate Programs have been added by GHBC to provide training on very specific topics that address vocational skills or general education topics that were suggested by our community due to lack of resources or a growing demand within our region.
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Concentrations of Study

Our Degree Programs were primarily established to train men and women of God and equip them with the tools necessary to be mature, productive and functioning parts of the Body of Christ and to enhance their relationship with Jesus Christ. Additional Certificate Programs have been added to further support the needs of our community.

Degree Programs


The study of God and the expanding of Christology.

Biblical Studies

This degree examines the major scriptural themes and the main topics of sacred Scriptures.


The study of ministry pertains to the work of the Lord, courses of preparation and the service of God.

Christian Education

The study of the theory and practice of providing educational services to members of the Christian community.

Christian Counseling

Examines the use of Christian and biblical truths in counseling.


The study of the tenants of the defense and proofs of the Christian faith from a practical perspective.

Certificate Programs

High School Diploma

GHBC is a satellite school for this program via Hope Christian Academy.


A program designed to equip individuals for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Christian Leadership

The Certificate in Christian Leadership (C.C.L.) is a 15-hour academic program.

Ministry Preparation

The Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) exists to prepare men and women for ministry in the local Church through a series of courses.

Pastoral Care & Counseling

A biblical approach to caring for people in the community, local church or ministry context.

Biblical Preaching

Provides exposure to the Homiletical process of developing biblical messages.

Christian Counselor

To provide quality training for pastors and Christians who feel God’s call to counsel and receive a certification/license.