Christian Counselor Certification

Credit Hours: 24

Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

This program is based on the National Christian Counselors Association educational and training for Christian counselors. This program’s main purpose is to provide quality training for pastors and Christians who feel God’s call to counsel and receive a certification/license.

Courses Needed to Complete Certificate:

  • CC 500 Basic Christian Counseling
  • CC 501 Temperament Theory
  • CC 502 Testing/Measurements
  • CC 503 Temperament Therapy
  • CC 504 Christian Psychology
  • CC 505 Mastering Pastoral Counseling
  • CC 506 Temperament Case Studies
  • CC 507 Counseling the Codependent

Days & Times Of Classes

Classes for this program are offered during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms for both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Classes typically meet weekly through each term on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm and 8:10 pm to 9:40 pm. 

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for exceptions related to the observance of holidays.

Academic Requirements

All degrees are earned through students meeting the expected course requirements.  The trimester hours required to earn our degrees may be earned through a combination of studies offered at GHBC and the credit we allow for our religious training and religious life work experience.

Study Christian Counselor Certification

Academic Calendar

  • Enrollment/Registration: March 5th-March 29th
  • Term: April 2nd-July 2nd
  • Classes Begin: April 2nd & April 4th
  • Last Day to Add/Drop a Class: April 19th
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “VWD”: April 26th
  • School Office Closings (Holiday Observation): May 27th
  • Enrollment/Registration: June 24th-July 5th
  • Term: July 18th-August 8th
  • Classes Begin: July 18th
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “VWD”: July 12th
  • Graduation (If Required): July 27th
  • School Office Closings (Holiday Observation): July 4th